Hygienic Manual Shutoff Divert Valve

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Hygienic Manual Shutoff Divert Valve

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Product Description: The hygienic sanitary shutoff reversing valves are designed to stop fluid flow and change fluid flow direction. Shutoff reversing valve can be driven by either manual handle or pneumatic actuator, plus a C-Top intelligent control head if necessary to achieve more automatic operation. SS304 or 316L stainless steel material, PTFE sealing material and fine surface processing make sure the valve meet sanitary standard requirements, and also realize applications to all kinds of sanitary industries such as food, beverage, brewery, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, dairy and so on. Raw Material:
  1. Valve body: AISI 316L or AISI 304
  2. Surface treatment: Ra≤0.8μm
  3. Valve stem: Cr plated SS304 or 316L stainless steel
  4. Fluid contacting seal: EPDM
  5. Diaphragm seal: PTFE
  6. 6. Other part seal: NBR
C – Top Intelligent Control Unit:
Main parts: One solenoid valve, two position sensors, on PCB, and enclosure
Communication type: AS-i main line communication, or electronic communication
Input signal: AC 220V, or DC 24V; 3 Watt
Working principle: Communication between valves and control panel by receiving and sending signals with its monitoring and order devices.
Pneumatic Actuator:
Air supply pressure: 4 bar ~ 8 bar
Operation principle: Double acting ( air / air ), or single acting ( air / spring )
Operation mode: Normally open ( NO ), or Normally closed ( NC )
Pneumatic Reversing Valve Working Principle: Pneumatic actuator offers torque force to the valve stem. The valve stem exerts a pressure to the valve clack in axial direction, so the valve can be opened or closed to stop flow and change flow direction. Specification Details:
Size: DN25~100, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”
Temperature: -10~+100℃
Fluid Pressure: 0~10 bar
Connection End: Clamp, weld, thread, and so on
Valve Body Configurations: Product Show:

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