Sanitary Hygienic Manual Sampling / Sample Valve

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Sanitary Hygienic Manual Sampling / Sample Valve

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Applications: Sanitary hygienic manual sampling / sample valves are mainly used to extract fluid medium sample during the production process of food, beer, wine, diary, beverage, pharmaceutical fluids, biotechnological fluids, purified water and many other hygienic industry applications. The extracted samples can be used for testing, inspection, or supervision of medium status on the production line. Working Principle: The sanitary manual sampling / sample valve is normally closed. When extracting sample, simply lift the handle or turn the knob, and the valve stem and diaphragm are retracted, then fluid flows out for sample collecting. Flow speed can be controlled by manual handle. Configuration: Specification Details:
Drive Mode Manual lift handle or turning knob
Working Pressure 0 ~ 8bar
Nominal Pressure 16 bar PN
Size 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
Valve Body Material SS304 or SS316L
Sealing Material PTFE, VMQ, EPDM
Working Temperature -20 ~ +120℃(EPDM seal) / 130℃(PTFE seal)
Connection End Butt weld, clamp or male female thread
Body Structure Single branch port; double branch ports(for sterilization)
Surface Treatment Mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing
Surface Finish Ra<1.6μm

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