Sanitary Hygienic Stainless Steel Check Valve / Non-return Valve

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Sanitary Hygienic Stainless Steel Check Valve / Non-return Valve

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Product Description & Applications: Sanitary hygienic stainless steel check valve is also called non-return valve. It is installed in pipeline systems to keep fluids from flowing backwards. SS304 and 316L stainless steel material and high standard surface treatment make non-return valve meet the strict sanitary requirements for different kinds of hygienic industries, especially in food and chemical processing, steam and CIP system applications. The sanitary hygienic stainless steel check valves are widely installed into the pipeline of processing and production lines of food, dairy, beverage, beer, pharmaceutical and chemical mediums. Operating Principle: The sanitary check valve opens when fluid pressure exceeds the pressure from the pump sprin. When fluid pressure reduces back to the same level of pump spring, the sanitary check valve closes. Bigger pressure gap also could make the valve close. Main Parts: Specifications:
Size: 1/2″ – 4″ or DN15-DN100
Thickness: 1.5mm – 2mm
Material: 304 or 316L stainless steel
Seal Material: EPDM, FPM (Viton), NBR or PTFE
Standard: 3A, ASME BPE, DIN11850, DIN11866, ISO1127, ISO2037
Connection End: Weld, clamp, thread, union, flange
Surface Finish: Ra≤0.8μm
Working Temperature: -10°C to +120°C ( EPDM )
Max Pressure: 10 Bar
Opening Pressure: 0.3 Bar ( DN25 ), 0.2 Bar ( DN32/40 ), 0.1 Bar ( DN-50/100 )
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