Sanitary Pipe Fittings DIN/SMS/3A/BS Weld Tri Clamp Thread Cross

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Sanitary Pipe Fittings DIN/SMS/3A/BS Weld Tri Clamp Thread Cross

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Design Standards: 3A Pipe Fittings (ASTM A270-3A) ASME BPE Pipe Fittings (All dimensions can be custom made by opening mould) DIN11852 Fittings for food chemical and pharmaceutical industry DIN11865 Aseptic fittings for aseptic, chemical pharmaceutical Sizes: 3A weld & flange cross: 1″ ~ 6″ DIN weld cross: DN10 ~ DN150 for both long and short type DIN clamp cross: DN25 ~ DN150 ASME BPE clamp & weld cross: 1/4″ ~ 6″ ISO/IDF weld & clamp & Thread cross: 1″ ~ 4″ for both long and short type SMS cross: 25mm ~ 101mm P.S.: other size, standard, and connection type can be customized Main Types:
Sanitary Butt Weld End Cross Sanitary Clamp End Cross
Sanitary Short Type Cross Sanitary Reducing Cross
Technical Specification:
Product Name: Sanitary Stainless Steel Cross
Cross Type: Butt Weld End Cross, Clamp End Cross, Equal Cross, Short Cross, Reducing Cross,
Material: Stainless steel 304 (W.St. 1.4305) or 316L (W.St. 1.4404)
Wall Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 2.0mm
Size: DN15/10 ~ DN100/125; φ25 ~ φ101 (SMS); 1″ ~ 6″
Connection End: Tri Clamp, Butt Weld, Thread, Union, Flange
Surface Finishing: Mirror or matte polishing
Polishing: Inner surface: Ra<0.4-0.8μm outside surface: Ra<0.8-1.6μm
Dimension According to: Standard 3A, ISO, SMS, DIN, RJT, IDF…
Applications: Sanitary stainless steel cross is a kind of stainless steel pipe fitting for hygienic fluid pipe lines. It is widely used to change size or fluid flow direction and divide fluid flow of pipe line.
Food Industry Production Lines for Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, Ketchup, Oil, Syrup, Chocolate etc.
Beverage Industry Production Lines for Juice, Fruit, Water, Soft Drink
Daily Chemicals Production Lines for Facial   Foam, Hair Gel, Hair Dyes, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Shoe Polish, Cosmetics etc.
Pharmacy Production Lines for Nutrition Liquid, Medicine Grease, Biological Products etc.
Chemical   Industry Production Lines for Fat, Resin, Paint, Pigment, Oil Agent etc.
Brewery Red Wine, White Wine, Beer
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