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Sanitary Safety Valve

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Product Description: Sanitary stainless steel safety valve protects stainless steel tanks and vessels of dairy, food, beverage, brewery and pharmacy from being damaged under over-pressure situations. When the tank and vessel pressure exceeds the safe set level, the safety valve will open releasing the excessive pressure so that the pressure can go back to the safe level. It is specially designed for protection device of sanitary fluid. The valve is operated by manual handle and safety pressure is set by adjusting spring. Configuration: Working Principle:
  1. Adjust the spring, compress the nut and set a pressure value
  2. Close the valve
  3. When the pressure of tanksand vessels exceeds the set value, the valve will open automatically
  4. Air or fluidis discharged through the safety valve
  5. The pressure of tanks and vesselsreturns to set level
  6. The spring force automatically pushes back the valve seat
  7. The valve automatically closes
Size: DN15 ~ DN100, 3/4″ ~ 4″
Material: 304, or 316L stainless steel
Gasket Material: EPDM
Working Temperature: -5°C ~+95°C
Set Pressure:  Free calibration among 0 ~ 6bar by adjusting the spring
Working Pressure: 6 bar max.
Standard: 3A, ISO, DIN, SMS
Drive Mode: Manual, Pneumatic
Connection Type: Thread, Weld, Clamp, Union

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