Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

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Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

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Description & Application:    Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves consist of a aluminum alloy pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve body. Driven by compressed air, the pneumatic actuator accordingly control the butterfly valve body to open and close, in order to control the flow rate of hygienic fluids. Comparing with vertical stainless steel pneumatic actuator, horizontal aluminum alloy pneumatic actuator is much lighter, and more economical due to lower cost. Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves can realize remote operation and reduce much human working load. They are widely used in the pipelines of nearly all hygienic industries such as food, brewery, beverage, cosmetics, pharmacy and so on. Material:
Pneumatic Actuator: Aluminum alloy, horizontal installation
Valve Body: Medium contact part: SS304 or 316L upon customer request
Other Part: SS304 Or other stainless steel material on request
Sealing Gasket: EPDM, PTFE, VMQ, NBR or FPM for your free choice
Surface Polish: Mirror polish, sand blasting, electric finishing, etc.
Working Principle: The valve closing and opening is operated automatically by the pneumatic actuator. The actuator is driven the compressed air going into and out of the actuator. Double acting: Air in–Piston outwards–Valve stem rotates–Valve open–Air in again– Piston backwards–Valve closed Spring return single acting: Air in–Piston outwards–Valve stem rotates–Valve open–Piston backwards automatically by spring–Valve closed Specification Details:
Opened / Closed by Aluminum alloy pneumatic actuator
Working Principle Air / spring return mode, or Air/air double acting mode
Operation Mode Normally open (NO), or normally closed (NC)
Pipe Diameter DN10 ~ DN200 / 1/2” ~ 8”, other size can be tailored
Seal Material EPDM / PTFE / NBR / VMQ / FPM
Working Pressure Max 10 bar / Min. 0 bar
Working Temperature -10 ~ +90 degrees centigrade
Actuator Air Supply Pressure 4 bar ~ 8 bar
Surface Finish Outside EP, inside Ra<0.8μm
Model Selection: We have many types of sanitary hygienic pneumatic butterfly valves. Please feel free to select below technical offers according to your need. Let us know your choice and we will provide the most suitable sanitary valves to you:
  1. Operation Mode
A. Air / Spring return single acting mode: normally open (NO), or normally closed (NC) B.Air / Air double acting mode: normally open (NO), or normally closed (NC) P.S.: Spring return type is a little more expensive than double acting type. 2. Valve Body Connection End: 3. Connection End Dimension Standard: DIN / SMS / ISO / RJT / BS4825 / 3A / ASME BPE,

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