Sanitary Multi Position Gripper Manual Butterfly Valve

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Sanitary Multi Position Gripper Manual Butterfly Valve

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Description & Application:
Sanitary stainless steel manual butterfly valves are used to open / close the flow system and regulate hygienic fluid flow rate. Due to easy operation and low cost, stainless steel manual butterfly valves are found in nearly all kinds of sanitary and hygienic facilities, pipe systems, equipment and production lines of food & dairy, beverage, beer, wine, purified water, biological liquids and pharmaceutical liquids Characteristics:
  1. This manual type butterfly valve hasa gripper type handle, which has 12 multiple position gears, providing more accurate flow rate adjust and saving much cost against pneumatic type butterfly valves.
  2. Simply lock the valve in every 15 degree angle position, making flow control more accurate.
  3. The gripper handle can be made of plasticor stainless steel.
Technical Specifications:
Driven By: Manual gripper handle
Size: DN10~DN200, 1/2”~8”, Φ19~Φ102
Material: SS304 or SS316L
Seal Material: Free choice among EPDM, PTFE, NBR
Working Pressure: <1.6MPa
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +95℃
Connection Dimension Standard: 3A, DIN, ISO, SMS, IDF, RJT
  1. Very wide adjust range of port size from 1/4″ to 8″
  2. Especially popular for big sizes > DN50
  3. Open and close to adjust medium flow with lowest cost
  4. Strong flow ability for thick fluids or flows with particles
  5. Operated by plastic gripper handle with 12 position gears
  6. Connection ends can be clamp, weld, thread, union or flange
  7. Meet connection standards DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO, IDF, BS, ASME BPE
Options: We offer different types of hygienic manual butterfly valve for your choice: 1.Manual handle
Plastic multiple position gripper handle Stainless steel multiple position gripper handle 2.Connection Ends
Weld, clamp, male thread, flange, union, and other connection ends are all available.

3. Connection End Dimension Standard
Connection ends can be fabricated according to dimension standard DIN / SMS / ISO / RJT / BS4825 / 3A / ASME BPE, etc.

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