Sanitary Hygienic Three Piece Detachable Full Cavity Seat Ball Valve

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Sanitary Hygienic Three Piece Detachable Full Cavity Seat Ball Valve

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Product Descriptions & Applications: The sanitary hygienic three piece full cavity seat ball valve consists of three detachable valve body parts. The ball core is fully encapsulated by PTFE seal, in order to eliminate any dead leg area that may cause fluid retention. It can be operated by pneumatic actuator or manual handle. The sanitary hygienic three pieces full bore ball valves are very popular with hygienic equipment and pipeline systems for thick hygienic fluid such as beer, beverage, wine, diary, purified water and so on. Design Highlights:
  1. Ball core fully encapsulatedPTFE sealing design, no retention, no leakage, no dead leg area
  2. Detachable valve body parts, easy installation, easy assembly, much more convenient for daily pipeline repair and maintenance
  3. High mounting platform pad with ISO5211 standard dimension, suitable for any manual handle or pneumatic actuator, no need for extra support hanger
Operated by: Manual handle or pneumatic actuator
For hygienic fluid: Milk, wine, beverage, pharmacy, chemical fluid, cosmetic fluid
Size: DN15 ~ DN250, 1/4” ~ 4”
Material: SS304 or 316L, PTFE for seal
Working temperature: -10 ~ + 150℃
Working pressure: Max. 8 bar
Pressure withstand: Max. 10 bar
Connection end: clamp, weld, flange, thread, union
Valve Model Selection & Options 1. Manual type and pneumatic type available:   2. Two way type and three way type available: 3. Connection Ends: clamp, male thread, weld ends available:

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