Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic Actuated Two Way Ball Valve

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Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic Actuated Two Way Ball Valve

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Applications: Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves are designed to let the fluid flow or stop completely. Ball valve body is driven by a pneumatic actuator to open and close. Pneumatic actuator can be vertical stainless steel type or horizontal aluminum type. All valves are made of 304 and 316L stainless steel material to make the valve meet hygienic grade requirements. This makes it an extremely popular fluid flow control component in all kinds of production pipeline systems for the production of food, dairy, beverage, wine, pharmaceutical and chemical fluids. Configurations: Working Principle:
  1. Spring return single acting pneumatic actuator
Compressed air enters into port A, piston are forced outwards, making the pinion and valve stem rotate anticlockwise, the valve is open accordingly. When air pressure at port A is exhausted, spring pushes the piston inwards, making pinion turn clockwise, the valve is closed.
  1. Air / air double acting pneumatic actuator
Compressed air enters into port A, forces the piston outwards, making the pinion rotate anticlockwise, and valve is open Compressed air enters into port B, forces the piston inwards, making the pinion turn clockwise and valve is closed Specifications:
Pneumatic Actuator Stainless steel (vertical) or aluminium (horizontal)
Actuating Mode Air – Air double acting or Air – spring return single acting
Air Supply Pressure Double Acting: 2-8bar Single Acting: 4-8bar
Operation Range 0 ~ 90°±5°
Valve Size DN15 ~ DN150, 1” ~ 4”
Material: Valve body: SS304 / 316L Seal: PTFE
Working Pressure 10 bar
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +180℃
Connection End Clamp, Butt Weld, Thread, Flange
For Hygienic Fluid Beer, Red Wine, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmacy, etc.

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