Sanitary Manual Flow Regulating Valve

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Sanitary Manual Flow Regulating Valve

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Products Description: The sanitary stainless steel regulating valve is a type of control valve to adjust flow rate and pressure of downstream hygienic fluid. This flow regulating valve is popular in most sanitary production lines, such as food, beverage, brewery, dairy, pharmacy and so on. Design Highlights: * More significant pressure drop than ball valves and butterfly valves * Higher KV value than other type of valves of same caliber * Conical valve plug design * Strong chrome plated turning knob * EPDM sealing material, high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion * Multiple choices of size, standards, models available Working Principle: Manually set the valve opening degree to make a pressure drop to the hygienic fluid passing through the valve, thus regulate the hygienic pressure, flow and temperature of pipeline system. Configuration: Specification:
Size: DN25-DN200 & 1”-8”
Flow Direction: One way
Working Pressure: 0-10 bar
Air Pressure: 0-6 bar
Working Temperature: -10~+140℃ (EPDM)
Connection End: Weld, clamp, thread, union
Connection End Dimension according to standard: ISO, IDF, DIN, 3A, SMS

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