Sanitary Safety Constant Pressure Valve-Butt Weld

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Sanitary Safety Constant Pressure Valve-Butt Weld

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Descriptions: The constant pressure regulating valve is installed in the hygienic pipeline or tank, to keep the pressure at a fixed value at inlet or outlet position. The diaphragm and valve disc system inside the valve is very sensitive to any pressure change of the medium fluid. It replies by changing the valve stem position to open or close the valve, in order keep the pressure of pipeline or tank at a certain value. The inlet and the bottom of the valve body is vertical with no residual fluid material. Sanitary constant pressure regulating valve offers perfect flow pressure and is very friendly for CIP process. It is widely used in hygienic industries like food, beverage, wine, brewery, diary, water, pharmacy, biotechnology, fine chemicals, and son on. Raw Materials:
Valve body: stainless steel, 316L
Valve cover: stainless steel, 304
Upper diaphragm: NBR (Standard), EPDM / PTFE (Optional)
Bottom diaphragm: PTFE / EPDM
O ring: NBR or Viton
Working Principle:
  1. Fluidflow pressure is normal, valve is closed
  2. When fluidflow pressure gradually increases, valve gradually opens
  3. Fluidflow pressure continues to increase until it is higher than the inlet pressure, valve fully opens.
Size 1” ~ 2”, DN25 ~ DN50
Connection End Weld, Clamp, Male Thread
Valve Closing Pressure 10 bar
Valve Opening Pressure 5 bar
Working Pressure 0 ~ 8 bar
Working Temperature -10 ~ 135°C
Air Supply Pressure 0 ~ 6 bar
Inside Surface Finishing: Ra≤0.8μm
Outside Surace Finishing: Sand blast
Kv in Completely Open condition 23M3/h
Kv in Low Flow Condition 2M3/h
Kv for CIP 15M3/h

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